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MF26 List of Formula and Statistical Table for A Level H2 Math

In this post, let’s take a deep dive into MF26 Formula booklet for the H2 A Level Math exam. You’ll learn the different sections of MF26, and when to use them.

In MF26, you’ll find a list of formula and statistical table that you could refer to during your exam. You can download a copy of MF26 here.

MF26 is very useful. You save a lot of “memory space” remembering the many formulae in the 9758 syllabus. You can also check part of your working with the list of formula and statistical table provided.

The formulae part is highly useful for H2 Math. For students taking H2 Math only (without H2 Further Math), you are unlikely to use the statistical table, since you can obtain the values easily with the help of your graphic calculator.

Different sections in MF26

MF26 is divided into 2 sections – Pure Mathematics and Statistics.

Formula for pure mathematics can be found in pages 2 to 5 of the formula booklet.

Formula and statistical table for Statistics and Probability can be found in pages 6 to 10 of the formula booklet.

MF26 formula booklet is used for H1, H2 and H3 Math students, as well as students taking further math. Hence, some parts of the formula booklet is not relevant to students taking H2 Math.

I’ll talk more about it in later parts of this post.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll find in MF26:

Pure Math
Topicpage numberused in H2 Math
Algebraic series2Yes
Partial fractions decomposition2Yes
Numerical Methods5No
Probability and Statistics
Standard discrete distributions6Yes
(Only binomial distribution)
Standard continuous distribution6No
Sampling and testing6Yes
Regression and correlation6Yes
The normal distribution function7No
Critical values for the t distribution8No
Critical values for the χ² distribution9No
Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test10No
Different sections of the formula booklet MF26, and their use in H2 A Level Math

Algebraic Series

This section consists of binomial expansion and Maclaurin’s expansion. In the binomial expansion section, the formula for nCr is also given.

Partial Fractions Decomposition

This section tells you how to decompose a polynomial fraction.


This section give a list of trigonometric identities. These include double angle formula, sum and differences identities, product identities, and reverse of factor formula.


This section gives the differentiation of inverse trigonometric functions (sin⁻¹x, tan⁻¹x and cos⁻¹x), cosec x and sec x.


This section gives the integration of some algebraic fractions and some trigonometric functions.


This section gives the formula for vector product (also known as cross product), and ratio theorem.

Numerical Methods

This section of MF26 is not used for H2 A Level Math.

Probability and Statistics

The probability and statistics section of the formula booklet MF26 consists of many subsection. For H2 A Level Math students, you’ll only need to refer to page 6 of the formula booklet.

Formulae that you’ll use are:

  • Binomial distribution (found under standard discrete distributions)
  • Sampling and testing: You’ll often use this section to find the unbiased estimate of population variance (s²)
  • Regression and correlation
    • Sometimes, you may need to refer to this section to find the estimated product moment correlation coefficient (r) and estimated regression line of y on x.

Download MF26

You can download a copy of MF26 here.

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