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Terms of Use

All information provided on this website, and our products are the property of Without our consent, you are not allowed to reproduce, sell, copy them.

All Paid Products

All our paid product and services, they are only intended for the individual who purchases it. You are not allowed to share, reproduce, resell or use it in any other way.

All Our  Online Courses and Digital Products

We sell our online courses and digital products using the Gumroad and Udemy platforms. These are highly reputable platforms that have existed for many years, and we use them as we believe they would provide you with a seamless experience. However, we have no control over these platforms (e.g. uptime, login, sales policies, etc.). We are only responsible for the content that we have hosted on these platforms. All other items (E.g. sales, refunds, log-in, access to content, etc.) are all controlled by these platforms. Please read their terms before doing the purchase. 

Read Udemy’s Terms of Services here. 

Read more about buying on Gumroad here. Due to the nature of the products, we do not offer refunds for any of our products sold on Gumroad. Please read the details about the product before purchasing.  


Our website, products, and services are NOT intended for:

  • anyone below the age of 13.
  • EU residents
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