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Solving Inequalities with the Graphic Calculator

To solve inequalities using the graphic calculator, we can plot the equations on both sides of the inequality sign into the graphic calculator.

Once this is done, look at the inequality to determine the region that we are interested in. The portion that is greater should have a larger y value, while the portion that is smaller should have a smaller x value. Give the range of values of x that satisfies this inequality.

Example: Solve this inequality x³ + x² > 1 + x

We have ln x on the left hand side of the inequality sign, and 1 +x on the right hand side of the inequality sign. We’ll sketch y = x³ + x² and y = 1 +x on the graphic calculator.

Since we are interested in x³ + x² being more than 1 +x, then x³ + x² should be above 1+x in the graph above (so that it has a larger y value).

The region boxed up in “red” has x³ + x² being more than 1+x. Looking at the x values, we know that this occurs when x> 1.

Hence, the solution for x³ + x² > 1 + x is x > 1.

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