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Curve Sketching

In this post, let’s look at curve sketching as tested in H2 A Level Math.

What’s tested in Curve Sketching

I would divide the portion on curve sketching to cartesian equations and parametric equations.

Cartesian equation

In curve sketching, students are expected to know the characteristics of the following:

For the above graphs, students are expected to be familiar with the following properties of each graph:

  • shape
  • symmetry
  • intersections
  • turning points
  • asymptotes

The graphic calculator is able to give the shape, points of intersections, turning points. However, the equations of the asymptotes will not be provided by the graphic calculator.

Parametric Equations

Under the section on parametric equations, students are expected to be able to draw parametric equations and their graphs. Notes for sketching of parametric equations can be found here.

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