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Sketching the Graph of y = (ax+b)/(cx+d)

Characteristic of y = (ax+b)/(cx+d) graph

The graph of y = (ax+b)/(cx+d) has the following characteristics:

  • horizontal asymptote at y = a/c
  • vertical asmyptote at x = -d/c
  • has a shape of a rectangular hyperbola:
shape of rectangular hyperbola

Sketching y = (ax+b)/(cx+d) on the graphic calculator, Ti84

The graph of y = (ax+b)/(cx+d) can be easily sketched on the graphic calculator by :

  • pressing [y=]
  • type in the equation
  • press [graph]

Do note that the graphic calculator does not give the asymptotes. However, you are expected to include the asymptotes and their equations in your sketch.

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