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What you need to know for O Level for Surds, Indices and Logarithms (O Level Add Maths)

Surds, indices and logarithm syllabus for O level additional mathematics

Surds, indices, and logarithms are chapters that are tested in O Level Additional Mathematics.

You also need to apply what you have learnt in these chapter to other chapters like differentiation since there is a chapter on differentiation of exponential and lograithmic function. 

Since this post is on what you need to know specifically on surds, indices and logarithms, I will skip the portion on differentiation. Check out our post on what you need to know for differentiation in O Level Additional Mathematics to find out more.

So here’s what you need to know for the topic on surds, indices and logarithms in O Level Additional Mathematics:


  • add, subtract, divided and multiply (4 operations) surds 
  • rationalize denominators involving surds
  • solving equations involving surds


  • graphs of exponents
  • how to simplify expressions involving exponents (your elementary mathematics knowledge comes in)
  • simplify expressions involving exponents
  • solving equations involving exponents (sometimes you’ll need to convert the exponent expression to a logarithmic expression)

 Logarithm:graphs of logarithmlaws of logarithmchange of base of logarithmsimplify expressions involving logarithm solving equations involving logarithm

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