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What you need to know for O Level for Surds, Indices and Logarithms (O Level Add Maths)

Surds, indices and logarithm syllabus for O level additional mathematics

Surds, indices, and logarithms are chapters that are tested in O Level Additional Mathematics.

You also need to apply what you have learnt in these chapter to other chapters like differentiation since there is a chapter on differentiation of exponential and lograithmic function. 

Since this post is on what you need to know specifically on surds, indices and logarithms, I will skip the portion on differentiation. Check out our post on what you need to know for differentiation in O Level Additional Mathematics to find out more.

So here’s what you need to know for the topic on surds, indices and logarithms in O Level Additional Mathematics:


  • add, subtract, divided and multiply (4 operations) surds 
  • rationalize denominators involving surds
  • solving equations involving surds


  • graphs of exponents
  • how to simplify expressions involving exponents (your elementary mathematics knowledge comes in)
  • simplify expressions involving exponents
  • solving equations involving exponents (sometimes you’ll need to convert the exponent expression to a logarithmic expression)

 Logarithm:graphs of logarithmlaws of logarithmchange of base of logarithmsimplify expressions involving logarithm solving equations involving logarithm

For students who have not done additional Mathematics in secondary school, but would like to take H2 mathematics in A level, this is assumed knowledge for H2 Mathematics, so definitely make sure you know these rules of surds, indices and logarithm. 

I go through in detail the concepts in these topics (surds, indices, and logarithms) in my complete course on surds, indices, and logarithm available on Udemy. This course not only covers the concepts tested in O Level Additional Mathematics, but we go through many questions together. If this topic is one of your weak chapters, or if you want to learn ahead of your school, definitely check out our course.

Get the complete on-demand video course for surds, indices, and logarithms here.

surds, indices and logarithm on- demand course for O Level Additional Mathematics

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