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What you need to know for Trigonometry for O Level Additional Mathematics

What's tested for Trigonometry in O Level Add Math

Trigonometry is a big topic in O Level Additional Mathematics. There are many different concepts in this topic Trigonometry. 

For Additional Math, students need to also know the trigonometry concepts taught in elementary mathematics. These applying the ratio of sine, cosine, and tangent to right-angle triangles and the use of Pythagora’s theorem. In addition, students are expected to know the sine rule and cosine rule. Don’t worry about memorizing the sine and cosine rules since they are available in the formula booklet.

You will also see trigonometry in the chapters on integration and differentiation. I’ll talk more about trigonometry in integration and differentiation in other posts.

For O Level Additional Mathematics, students are expected to know the following for Trigonometry:

  • Use of sin, cos, tan, cosec, sec, and cot
  • principal values of sin-1, cos-1 and tan-1
  • Be familiar with angles in degrees and radians
  • Exact values of the trigonometric functions for special angles (30o, 45o and 60o)
  • Graphs of sine, cosine and tangent, and the period and amplitude of such graphs
  • Use of trigonometric identities for proving 
  •  Simplify trigonometric expressions using trigonometric identities
  • Solving trigonometric equations
  • R- formula

In our course on Trigonometry, we revise some concepts from elementary mathematics which are often found in O Level Additional Mathematics questions. In addition, we cover the various concepts of trigonometry tested in Add Math in detail. I go through numerous questions in my course so that students finish the course not only knowing the concepts but also how to apply them to their Add Math tests and exams. If you are interested, definitely check out our complete course on Trigonometry for  Additional Mathematics here. 

O Level Trigonometry Additional Mathematics on- demand course

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