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Using Method of Difference to find the Sum of A Series

A brief introduction on method of difference

The method of difference can be used to find the sum of a series if the term can be expressed as a difference of two of more terms, and when we sum up these terms, most of the intermediate terms are cancelled.

Example of method of difference

An example of a summation question involving the use of the method of difference method.


We’ll start off by expressing 1/[(r+1)(r+2)] as partial fractions.

using partial fractions to break the fractions down. This method is usually needed if you have a complex polynomial fractions and are asked to find the sum of a series.

Next to find the sum of a series using method of difference, you’ll need to list out the first few terms and the last few terms, and look at how the terms cancel off. The terms that are left is the sum of the series.

finding the sum using method of difference method

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