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Magnets for O Level Physics – What’s tested

magnets for o level physics

In this post, let’s look at what’s tested in detail for magnets for O Level physics.

I go through the points in detail in my video here.

This is a chapter with application questions and some definitions. You can find a list of definitions for O Level Physics here.

Below is a checklist of what you need to know for O Level Physics on the topic of magnets.

Checklist for Magnets for O Level Physics

✓ properties of magnets

✓ what is induced magnetism

✓ methods of magnetisation and demagnetisation

✓ drawing magnetic field patterns around a bar magnet and between the poles of two bar magnets

✓ describe the plotting of magnetic field lines with a compass

✓ distinguish between properties and uses of temporary magnets and permanent magnets

Watch the video below to learn magnets in detail.

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