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Electromagnetism for O Level Physics – What’s tested

what's tested for electromagnetism for O Level Physics

In this post, let’s look at what’s tested in detail for electromagnetism for O Level physics.

In this chapter, there are a number of explanations and definitions that students should be familiar. You can find the list of definitions for O Level Physics here.

To learn more about this topic on electromagnetism, watch this video where I go through the points in detail in my video here.

Below is a checklist of what you need to know for O Level Physics on the topic current electricity.

Checklist for Electromagnetism for O Level Physics

✓ draw the magnetic field lines due to currents in straight wires and in solenoids

✓ state the effect on the magnetic field when magnitude and/ or direction of current are changed.

✓ application of the magnetic effect of a current in a circuit breaker

✓ describe experiments to show the force on a current-carrying conductor, or on a beam of charged
particles, in a magnetic field,

✓ use Fleming’s Left- hand rule to deduce directions of force, field and current when any two of these quantities are at right angles to each other

✓ describe the field patterns and forces between currents in parallel conductors
✓ describe ways to increase the force experienced by a current- carrying coil in a magnetic field

✓ discuss how an electric motor works

✓ describe the purpose of a split-ring commutator in an electric motor

Watch the video below to learn electromagnetism in detail.

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