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Adapting to solve this almost linear simultaneous equation for O Level Add Math

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Simultaneous equations are often a part of a question in O level Additional Math (also called A Math or Add Maths in short). You can solve simultaneous equations in any chapter in Additional Maths at O Level. Hence, it is important to know this chapter well.

In this YouTube Video on adapting to solve this almost linear simultaneous equations question, I talked about how to apply what you have learnt in the simultaneous equation chapter to solve this almost linear simultaneous equation question:

simultaneous equations sample question for o level additional mathematics

A linear simultaneous equation is one that only involves unknowns of power 1. In this video, I will show you how to convert these non-linear simultaneous equations (with square roots) to a linear one and solve them easily using the substitution method which I talked about here

Simultaneous Equations and Quadratic Functions

Learning how to solve simultaneous equations is only a part of the chapter on quadratic functions tested in the O Level Additional Mathematics syllabus. We have created an entire course on quadratic functions based on the Singapore O Level Additional Mathematics Syllabus.
In this course, I not only go through more about simultaneous equations (some tricks on how to solve them easily by observation), but I also talk about other topics tested in the quadratic function chapter. These are:

  • Finding the maximum or minimum value of a quadratic function using the method of completing the square
  • Conditions for quadratic function to be always positive or negative
  • Using discriminant to determine conditions for a quadratic equation to have: (i) two real roots (ii) two equal roots (iii) no real roots
  • Using discriminant to determine related conditions for a given line to: (i) intersect a given curve (ii) be a tangent to a given curve (iii) not intersect a given curve •
  • Solving simultaneous equations in two variables by substitution, with one of the equations being a linear equation
  • Solving quadratic inequalities, and representing the solution on the number line

I also go through many past prelim questions in detail, so that you are equipped with the skills on how to solve these questions when you sit for your O Level Additional Mathematics exam.

This course is the full tuition lessons on quadratic function that I conduct for my students taking the O Level Add Math. This topic is big, and it usually takes two 2- hour lessons to complete. In this course, we go through the concepts and many example questions. And, you have the opportunity to watch the entire class on-demand, anytime you like, and re-watch it as many times as you want. 

Do check out our course here:

Quadratic function course for O Level Additional Mathematics

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