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What you need to know for Polynomials and Partial Fractions tested in O Level Additional Mathematics

polynomials and partial fractions what you need to know

Polynomials (including factor and remainder theorem and cubic equations) and partial fractions are easy to score for O Level Additional Mathematics, if you know the concepts and how to answer the questions. The type of questions that come out in these topics is rather standard. I go through the types of questions you will see in my course on polynomials and partial fractions which you can find here.

In these chapters on polynomials and partial fractions, you need to know these:


  • multiplication and division of polynomials
  • factor and remainder theorem
  • solving cubic equations

Partial Fractions

  • convert an improper fraction to a proper fraction
  • decompose complex algebraic fractions into partial fractions. The complex fractions have one of the following as the denominator:
    • (ax+b)(cx+d)
    • (ax+b)(cx+d)2
    • (ax+b)(x2 + c2)

In my course on polynomials (which includes factor and remainder theorem and solving cubic equations) and partial fractions, I go through in detail the concepts and how to tackle questions. You can find my complete on Polynomials and Partial Fractions here.

polynomials and partial fraction on- demand course for O Level Additional Mathematics

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