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What you need to know for coordinate geometry, circles and proofs in plane geometry tested in O Level Additional Mathematics

what is tested for coordinate geometry, circles and proofs in plane geometry

Let’s talk about what you need to know for Coordinate geometry, circles (in coordinate geometry) and proofs in plane geometry for O Level Additional Mathematics.

Coordinate geometry

  • finding the gradient of a straight line from 2 given points
  • finding distance between 2 points
  • finding the midpoint of 2 points
  • finding the equation of a straight line
  • relationship between gradients when the straight lines are parallel or perpendicular
  • finding the equation of the perpendicular bisector
  • finding area using shoe-lace method

Circles in coordinate geometry

  • equation of circles in the following form:
    • (x-a)2+ (y-b)2 =r2
    • x2 + y2+ 2gx + 2fy +c = 0
  • problems involving circles and coordinate geometry

Proofs in plane geometry

  • proofing similar and congruent triangle (also tested in elementary mathematics)
  • mid-point theorem
  • alternate angles and corresponding angles
  • alternate segment theorem and other geometric properties of circles (e.g. angle in the same segment, angle in a semi- circle, the angle at the centre of circle, etc.)

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