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Turning Effects of Forces for O Level Physics – What’s tested

moments and turning effect of forces as tested in O Level Physics

In this post, let’s look at what’s tested in turning effects of forces for O Level Physics. There are a few definitions that you’ll need to remember for this chapter, as well as a formulae on moments.

Check out our video here to learn more.

Below, you’ll find a checklist that’s useful for your revision. Make sure you know everything in the list after you complete your revision on this chapter on turning effects of forces.

Checklist for Turning Effects of Forces tested in O Level Physics

what is moment

calculation of moments = force x perpendicular distance

define principle of moments for an object at equilibrium

calculation questions involving principle of moments

what is centre of gravity

position of centre of gravity, and how it relates to stability

Watch the video to learn in detail what’s tested.

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