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Summary Notes for Trigonometry – O Level Add Math

Summary of trigonometry for O level additional mathematics

Here’s a summary of Trigonometry for O Level Additional Mathematics. I go through what’s tested in this  article here

Assumed Trigonometry Knowledge for O Level Add Math:

For right angle triangles:

  • sin x = opposite/ hypotenuse
  • cos x = adjacent/ hypotenuse
  • tan x = opposite/ adjacent
  • Pythagoras Theorem: (hypotenuse)2 = (opposite)2 + (adjacent)2

For non- right angle triangles, you will use sine rule and cosine rule. These are found in the formula booklet of your exam, so don’t memorize them (just know where they are).

  • sine rule: 
    • a/sin∠A = b/sin∠B = c/sin∠C
  • cosine rule:
    • c2 = a2+ b– 2abcos∠C

Trigonometric Ratios

These are some trigonometric ratios that you are expected to know (note: they are not in you data booklet, so make sure you know them!)
cosec x  = 1/ sin x
sec x = 1/ cos x
cot x = 1/ cot x
tan x = sinx / cosx

Principal Value of inverse functions

-90 o ≤ sin -1x ≤ 90 o
-90 o ≤ tan -1x ≤ 90 oo ≤ cos -1≤ 180 o

Range of values of cos and sin

-1 ≤ cos x ≤ 1-1 ≤ sin x ≤ 1

Angle in Radians and Degrees

1 radian = (π/ 180) o1o =  (180/ π ) rad

Amplitude and period of graphs

For y = a cos(bx + c) + d or y = a sin (bx + c) + d 
Period  = 360 o/bAmplitude = |a|maximum value = |a| +dminimum value = – |a| + d
For y = a tan(bx+c)Period  = 180 o/b

Graph of  y  = sin x

sketching sine curve for O level add math trigonometry

Graph of  y  = cos x

sketching cosine curve for O level add math trigonometry

Graph of  y  = tan x

sketching tangent curve for O level add math trigonometry

4 Quadrants

To solve trigonometry equations, you need to know when sin/ cos/ tan are positive (or negative). Remember this quadrant, or the A-S-T-C in short.

4 quadrants for trigonometry for O level additional mathematics

Trigonometric Identities

You use trigonometric identities for solving and proofing identity questions. These identities are inside your formula booklet, you don’t need to memorize them. Just know that they are there. 

summary of trigonometry (trigonometry identities) for O Level Additional Mathematics

R- Formula

This is not in your formula booklet. Make sure you know them:
a sin x ± b cos x = R cos (x ± α) a cos x ± b sin x = R cos (x ∓ α)
R = square root(a2 + b2)α = tan-1 (b/a)

Want to learn more about Trigonometry for O Level Add Maths?

Trigonometry is a big topic in O Level Additional Mathematics. From the notes above, you can see the many different concepts tested. For the O Level exam, there are usually a few questions on trigonometry testing various different concepts. This is a chapter that many students struggle because there’s just so many things to know. 

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