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Static Electricity – What’s tested in O Level Physics?

o level physics static electricity

In this post, let’s talk about what’s tested in the topic of static electricity for O Level Physics.

This is a topic with mainly application question and some definitions (to remember). You can find a list of O Level physics definitions here.

Watch the video here to learn in detail what’s tested.

Below, you’ll find a checklist on the items you would need to know on this topic on transfer of electromagnetic waves.

Checklist for O Level Physics Topic: Static Electricity

SI unit for charge is coulombs

Laws of electrostatic: Like charges repel; unlike charges attract

define electric field

draw electric fields for point charges and between point charges

charging of insulators by friction

electrostatic induction

hazards of static electricity

application of static electricity eg. use of static electricity in photocopiers.

Watch this video on what’s tested on static electricity for O Level Physics below:

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