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Kinematics for O Level Physics – what you need to know

What do you need to know for kinematics for O Level Physics? Let’s talk about it in this post.

Kinematics is the study of the motion of a body without consider the forces acting on it. When we study the motion of the body, we look at where the object it at a point in time (i.e. displacement), the distance it has travelled; how fast it travels and in what direction, and how the rate at which it changes how fast or slow it travels. In short, we will be looking at vector and scalar quantities such as distance, displacement, speed, velocity and acceleration.

In this post, I go through what you need to know for this chapter on kinematics as tested in O Level Physics

Checklist on what’s tested for kinematics in O level Physics

☐ displacement and distance (we have a video here talking about the difference between displacement and distance. Watch it here)

☐ speed and velocity

☐ average speed

☐ acceleration

☐ interpret non- uniform acceleration

☐ interpret velocity- time graph

☐ interpret displacement- time graph

If you like to watch and learn more about what’s tested in this chapter on kinematics in O Level Physics, check out our video here.

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