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Dynamics (Forces) for O Level Physics – What you need to know

forces and dynamic chapter for O level physics

In this post, let’s look at what you need to know for dynamics (or forces) for O Level Physics.

In this chapter, students learn about balanced and unbalanced forces, drawing free body diagram and also more about friction (a type of force). In addition, most schools include the drawing of vector diagram in this chapter as well.

I’ve made a vide on what you need to know for this chapter. You can check it out here.

Checklist of what’s tested in dynamics for O Level Physics

☐ applying Newton’s Laws

☐ learn about balanced and unbalanced forces (Newton’s first law)

☐ how forces may change the motion of an object (Newton’s second law)

☐ action- reaction pair (Newton’s third law)

☐ identify forces acting on an object, and drawing free body diagrams

☐ draw vector diagram to find resultant force of 2 forces acting at an angle

☐ Apply F = ma

☐ Friction and its effect on motion

If you’ll like me to go through what’s tested in detail, check out our video.

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