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Graphic Calculator for A Level H2 Math

graphic calculator for A Level H2 math

Having a graphic calculator for A Level H2 Math exam is a must for students.

There aren’t many types of graphic calculators approved for the A Level H2 Math. Only the Casio FX-9860GIIs and and Texas Ti-84 Plus are approved for the A Level H2 Math exam.

Here’s the list of approved calculator:

Calculator BrandCalculator ModelOperating SystemApproved Period
CasioFX-9860GIIsOS 2.04
OS 2.09
2014- 2022
Texas InstrumentTI-84 Plus/ TI-84 Plus Silver EditionOS 2.43
OS 2.53 MP
OS 2.55MP
2006- 2024
Texas Instrument TI-84 Plus Pocket SE OS 2.43
OS 2.53 MP
OS 2.55MP
2012- 2021
Texas Instrument TI-84 Plus C Silver
OS 4.0
OS 4.2
2015- 2023
Texas Instrument TI-84 Plus CEOS 5.0.1
OS 5.1.5
OS 5.2.0
OS 5.2.2
OS 5.3.0
OS 5.3.1
OS 5.4.0
OS 5.6.0
2017 – 2024
List of Graphic Calculators Approved for A Level (for most updated list, find it here)

The list of approved calculator may change from time- to- time. This post is only accurate at the time of writing. For a list of approved calculator, do check out the SEAB website here.

Most schools are currently using the Texas Ti-84 plus model. You can get it from your school bookshop or if you want to get it online, try here.

Most schools are using the Ti-84 plus calculator. You will find most resources focusing onTi-84. Anyway, the Casio FX-9860GIIs model is only approved till 2022. I’ve no idea whether there will be a new Casio calculator being approved then on. But for now, we can see the graphic calculators from Texas instrument are the more commonly used ones.

Being familiar with the graphic calculator for your A Level H2 exam is essential to score. Particularly, in the section on statistics. Make sure you know how to use the calculator to solve different types of questions!

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