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Energy Work and Power – O Level Physics (What’s tested?)

energy, work and power topic for o level physics

In this article, we go through what’s tested in the chapter energy, work and power in O level Physics. This is an application chapter, where there are a number of formulae to remember, and explanation questions involve. Of course, like all physics topics, there are some definitions, which the exams ask (and so you’ve got to memorise).

To watch what’s tested in this chapter on energy, work and power in detail, go here.

Below is a checklist on what’s covered in this topic.

Checklist for O Level Physics Topic: Energy, Work and Power

different types of energy

conservation of energy and application

calculate energy efficiency

calculate kinetic energy

calculate potential energy

relationship between kinetic and potential energy

calculate work done

calculate power

Watch this video below to learn in detail what’s tested in this topic on energy, work and power.

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