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Binomial Distribution

A binomial distribution is a probability distribution that describes the number of successes in a given number of independent trials.

The conditions needed for a binomial distribution are:

  • n independent trials
  • the probability of success for each trial is a constant, p
  • only 2 outcomes (success and failure)

Important Concepts for Binomial Distribution

  • If X takes binomial distribution, we write it as X~B(n,p)
  • Our graphic calculator (Ti-84) is designed to find P(X=x) and P(X≤x)
  • To find P(X=x), use binompdf
  • The formula booklet also provides information on how to find P(X=x) manually.
  • To find P(X≤x), use binomcdf

Finding Probability for binomial distribution using the graphic calculator Ti84

To find the probability for binomial distribution, we often use the graphic calculator Ti84. In this video, we talk about how to find the probability of binomial distribution using Ti84.

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