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What you need to know for kinematics (displacement, velocity and acceleration) as tested in O Level Add Math

What you need to know for kinematics as tested in O Level Additional Mathematics

Application of integration and differentiation to kinematics is a chapter most schools cover after they completed all the chapters on integration and differentiation. Usually, one question from this topic comes out in the O Level each year.

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So, what do you need to know for this chapter on kinematics?

Well, if you also take physics at O Level, then you must be familiar with displacement, velocity and acceleration. In this chapter in Additional mathematics, we write displacement (s), velocity (v) and/or acceleration (a) in Mathematical form and use integration and differentiation to find expressions for unknown terms. In short, you are given an expression of s, v or a in the exam, and are expected to find the others (e.g. s, v, or a that has not been given).

So these are what you need to know for this chapter:

  • For a particle moving in a straight line, form expressions of s, v,  a using differentiation or integration. 
  • Solve problem sums involving displacement, velocity and acceleration of a particle moving in a straight line

You will find the concepts in detail and lots of example questions on this topic on kinematics (PLUS integration and its application which I talk about in detail here) in my complete course on integration and its application AND Kinematics. You can get the course here and start learning instantly.

integration and its application and kinematics for O Level additional mathematics

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