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Light – What’s tested in O Level Physics

light chapter for O Level Physics. Here we learn reflection, refraction and converging lens.

In this post, let’s talk about what’s tested in the topic of light in O Level Physics.

In this video here, I go through in detail what’s tested for light in O Level Physics.

Below, you’ll find a checklist on the items you would need to know on this topic on transfer of light.

Checklist for O Level Physics Topic: Light


What is reflection, normal, angle of reflection, and angle of incidence

Laws of reflection

Drawing of ray diagrams for reflection


Define refraction

Laws of refraction

Calculations using formula n = sin i/ sin r (where n = refractive index of medium, i = angle of incidence in air or vacuum, r = angle of refraction in medium)

Critical angle and total internal reflection

Define critical angle (c) and total internal reflection

Conditions for total internal reflection

Calculation using formula: n = 1/ sin c (where n = refractive index of medium, c = critical angle)


describe what happens to a beam of light when shone on a converging or diverging lens

drawing ray diagrams for converging lens

define focal length (for converging lens)

Watch the video below to learn the points in detail:

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