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Quiz on Alkanes – H2 Chemistry

alkane quiz written based on A Level H2 Chemistry syllabus

Here’s a quiz on alkanes, written based on the A Level H2 chemistry syllabus.

Alkane as tested in A Level H2 Chemistry

Alkane is the second chapter of organic chemistry that students learn in A Level Chemistry. The first topic is introduction to organic chemistry. Alkane is a relatively easy chapter to study. Not many reactions, and to be honest, the main focus of this chapter is on free- radical substitution reaction between alkanes and halogens in the presence of light and its mechanism.

Alkane Quiz

There are some common more challenging, or perhaps less straight forward questions on alkanes tested in H2 Chemistry. I’ve included them in the quiz below. Try them, and let me know your score in the comments below.

Once you have completed the quiz, click on “submit”. The form will bring you to a new page. Click on “view score” to check your score and the correct answers.

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